Terms of Service

Updated July 7, 2022

General Terms

Clients agree to pay for the services provided by Registry Connect through the website, at the current rates established by Registry Connect for those services, which are stated and updated on the application form provided on this website (www.registryconnect.ca) and the Service Alberta website (www.servicealberta.ca).

If paying by credit card, services are paid in advance. Once payment has been completed, the client will be given a transaction number, which must be written in the appropriate space on the Registry Connect Payment Page, before the application can be sent to Registry Connect for processing. Certificates cannot be released to clients until all services have been paid in full.

Once an application has been processed and a search for a record has been performed, clients will receive either the document they requested, or a letter confirming that no record for the event has been found during the time period searched. Fees are non-refundable, even if a record is not found. For possible exceptions, please see the Refund Policy below.

Discrepancies between what is on the application form and what is on the actual Vital Statistics record can only be resolved by Alberta Vital Statistics. Registry Connect has no contact with, or control of, the original Birth, Stillbirth, Marriage, Death or Legal Change of Name records. Certificates are printed by Alberta Vital Statistics. Registry Connect has no control over printing times or potential delays.

Delivery Policy

Clients choose between regular mail delivery (for Bronze and Silver service), and courier delivery (for Gold service). Regular mail delivery is not expedited service, and there is no tracking number available. Delivery times vary according to the client’s location, as well as any other factors that would affect Canada Post’s operation (weather, statutory holidays, etc). Documents are usually mailed out within 1 to 2 days of the print time. If a client has not received a regular mail shipment after 30 days, the item is considered lost and can be replaced by Alberta Vital Statistics or Registry Connect.

Courier shipments are prepaid, no other courier packages or prepaid envelopes sent by clients are accepted. Courier shipments must be sent to a physical address as they cannot be delivered to a PO Box or left in a mailbox. Delivery times vary according to the client's location, as well as any other factors affecting the courier's operation (weather, mechanical failure, holidays, etc). Shipments are sent without a requirement for signature on delivery, if a client requires a signature on delivery they must contact Registry Connect prior to making their payment as additional charges will apply. Documents are sent by courier within 1 to 2 business days of the print time. Clients can be provided with their courier tracking number and are encouraged to track their shipment on the courier's website. Any additional courier costs for an undeliverable, redirected, or returned package will be charged directly to the client. Shipments that are delayed or lost may qualify for a refund. Refunds are provided to the client by Registry Connect, not by the courier.

Registry Connect cannot guarantee delivery time regardless of your chosen delivery method.

Refund Policy

If we receive your application, and cannot process it for any reason, your fees will be refunded directly to the credit card that was used for payment.

Once an application has been processed, fees are non-refundable, even if a record is not found. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

If a certificate is lost in the regular mail for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days, a free replacement can be obtained from Alberta Vital Statistics. For Bronze and Silver service requests, clients can contact Alberta Vital Statistics directly at 780-427-7013 for the replacement document. For Gold service requests, clients can contact Registry Connect.

If a client wishes to change their service option (for example, from Gold to Silver), or change the number of certificates requested, a partial refund of the applicable fees can be provided. Clients must contact Registry Connect to determine if any fees can be refunded. Fees paid by credit card will be refunded directly to the credit card that was used for payment. Fees paid by certified cheque or money order will be refunded in kind.

Complaint Policy

If you have concerns or complaints about our service - or if you would like to compliment us on a job well done - please contact us by email or in writing. Please include your name and contact information, your SR or File Number if you have one, as well as the name of the agent who was working with you. All complaints will be reviewed by the Team Lead, and responded to within 24 business hours of receiving your comments.